Rosa: why I will march

(Trigger warning for discussion of sexual harassment.)

I will be marching on the 4th of June because no matter what I wear, it is possible that I can be a victim. I have worn a short skirt, along with an anorak and a bobble hat, and I’ve still been honked at and harassed by a TFL London Bus Driver. I have worn a loose, knee length dress, and still had a man crawl into bed with me, in a room full of others, and molest me.

I have also felt the effects of victim shaming; after the aforementioned molesting, I felt it was my fault. I shouldn’t have had that much alcohol, I should have refused that toke, I should have found the strength (despite my under-the-influence-situation) to tell him to leave me alone. It took me a long time to realise it wasn’t me. It was him.

I will be marching on the 4th June wearing whatever I like. I can wear ‘hotpants’ and a low-cut top. Do I feel like a ‘slut’? No. I feel like me. I feel comfortable. I can wear the baggiest, body covering clothes. Do I feel frumpy? No. I feel like me. It is not what I wear: it is being a woman.

Whatever I wear, however I act, as a woman, there is always the possibility that I will be deemed a ‘slut’. There seems little choice to me, than to be proud of this. Therefore you will see me on 4th June, marching in the streets of London, with my head held high. Slut 4 life.

Thank you to Rosa.

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SlutWalk London 2012!

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Why SlutWalk London?

"I am walking because I was raped. I am walking because two thirds of people who answered a survey would say I am to blame for my rape. The only person to blame is the man who raped me.I am so angry with the lack of justice, the hundreds and thousands of rapists who walk away. I am angry because the survivors of rape are victimised again and again. If we report it (I did) we are forced to re-live it in horrendous detail several times over. We feel violated again when the CPS decides not to prosecute after all and he simply walks away. We are not victims. We were victims, for a moment in time. Now, we are survivors."

- Emily Jacob