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Elane: Why I Am Marching

I am marching/stewarding because I hate the word slut and all it’s connotations of blaming women for sexism and sexual violence. We are not sluts we are women who can dress as we please, go where we please, have sex as we please, with whom we please and how we please without becoming sexually available or dehumanised. I’m determined that we will have a world where women are equal and free and sexuality isn’t alienated. A world where we are worth more than our looks and how much men fancy us. A world where the word NO is understood as no and not reinterpreted by how we dress, or what we drank, or whether we said yes before or yes to someone else..

We can do it!

Like many I have been the victim of sexual violence and had to deal with all the comments and sick reactions.

So, where ever we go, how ever we dress, lets teach them that yes means yes and no means NO